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Mytranslation is a leading online translation site. Our translation service was created to help put clients in need of a translation in direct contact with a network of professional freelance translators worldwide. Our translation site is 100% online and guarantees professional human translation. With our high-quality and cost-effective translation services, Mytranslation has positioned itself as the solution that offers a middle ground between free machine translations, riddled with errors, and professional translation agencies, that are significantly more costly and less responsive.

You can choose between our Auction or Express translation services - Additional options are also available on our translation site (Urgent, Premium...). Thanks to Mytranslation, managing your translation needs has never been easier.

Our translation site gives you access to a network of over 1500 professional translators, available 24/7. Our translation services guarantee high-quality translations delivered quickly and at unbeatable rates.

  • Specialised translators 100%
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About the Company

Mytranslation is a leading online translation service. The company was launched in March 2011 as a subsidiary of Technicis, a leading provider of professional translation services (with a total revenue of €25 M in 2015 and 170 employees in France and Belgium). Mytranslation has positioned itself as an innovative digital translation site - our Auction service allows clients to find the best translator and price for their project, and our Express service guarantees quick delivery for urgent translation needs.

A message from the founder

Though machine translation has come a long way, professional translation still requires human expertise which machines cannot match: Welcome to Mytranslation.com.
After 10 years of working in the translation industry, I was left with the impression that there was a gap in the market that needed filling: Agencies offer excellent translation services but at a very high cost, freelance translators offer quality translation services but have a hard time finding clients, and machine translation is free but offers mediocre results. These are the reasons that prompted me to put clients and translators in direct contact with one another, through the use of an online translation site: Mytranslation.com.
The Mytranslation team is dedicated to providing high-quality service for both clients and translators and we have high hopes for our translation site.
We firmly believe that Mytranslation is the right solution for your translation needs.
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