Mytranslation's FAQ page provides answers to the most frequently asked questions encountered by clients or translators on the Mytranslation Platform. Please do not hesitate to inform us at [email protected] of anything else you feel needs to be addressed in order to properly use our translation platform.

How many times can I take the test?

You can take up to a maximum of three tests per language combination.

How long will I have to wait after my test to have a response (positive or negative)?

The Mytranslation team receives a high number of tests every day. We aim to mark them as soon as possible but it can take up to 3 weeks.

My language combination does not exist on the website, will I be informed if this combination is added?

If your language combination isn't yet available on the Mytranslation platform, we encourage you to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ to find out when your language combination will become available. You can also send an email to [email protected] and we will let you know when your language combination is available.

I passed my test successfully, what happens next?

Congratulations! All you need to do now is complete your translator profile and select your notification options and then you can start finding work on the Marketplace.

I passed my test successfully and I would like to start working, but I have not been offered any translation jobs?

Clients often choose translators who have a filled out profile. Don't forget to fill out all the fields and upload a photo and this should improve you're chances of being selected for Auction translation projects. As for Express translation projects, the first translator to accept the project is awarded the project. Therefore, you must react quickly when you receive the notification.

I failed my test three times, do I have the right to register as a member on the site?

Unfortunately, failing a test three times for the same language combination means that your level of translation does not comply with the standards expected by Mytranslation and therefore you cannot use the Marketplace to get translation projects.

How much money will I make working on translations?

Your earnings depend on the types of translation projects you accept and the number of translation projects you complete. For Auction translation projects, you set your own price per word. For Express translation projects, translators earn € 0.05 /word. For Urgent translation projects, translators earn € 0.06 /word.

How are payments made?

All payments are made through Paypal's secure payment platform. Unfortunately, for the moment, we do not offer any other ways of making payments.

Can I work on several translations at the same time?

Yes, provided that translation jobs are delivered by the deadlines imposed, otherwise you will not be credited and the translation will be assigned to another translator.

How am I notified that there are new translation jobs available?

Once you have registered and your test has been approved, you can choose to be notified by email for translation projects. You can set up your notifications on the "Settings" page of your translator account. If you do not wish to receive email notifications, you can simply log on and browse the Marketplace too.

Do I have to accept all translation jobs on Mytranslation?

Translators will accept translation jobs at their own discretion; there is obviously no obligation for translators to accept a translation.

I accepted a translation job, but something unexpected came up and I will not be able to deliver the document for the deadline imposed, what should I do?

You must contact Mytranslation as soon as possible by sending an email to [email protected] You must also warn the client by sending them a message in the workroom. If the latter accepts a deadline extension, there will be no financial impact; if they refuse however, Mytranslation will stop the translation and put it back on the Marketplace for another translator to complete.

I accepted a translation job and then realised that the source document has elements from another language, incomprehensible/illegible characters, or another issue that will keep me from fully completing my translation. What should I do?

You must contact Mytranslation by sending an email to [email protected], with the project number. Mytranslation will try and resolve the problem but you should also leave a message for the client in the workroom, asking for clarifications. However, please note that you should never accept a translation project without previewing the document first.

What happens if I go beyond the translation delivery deadline?

You must notify Mytranslation as soon as you realise that you are going to miss a deadline. Mytranslation will ask the client if an extension is possible. If the client agrees to postpone the delivery date, you will receive your earnings as usual, however you may be marked down by the client. If the client disagrees to an extension, the project will be taken off you and awarded to another translator. Please note that if you regularly miss deadlines, Mytranslation remains the right to close your account.

Can I have access to previous translations I have completed?

Your translations are stored on your personal area.

Must I save my translations or will the site be enough?

Mytranslation is only used to upload and retrieve translations; it is therefore very important that you save your translation jobs on your computer or using any other type of storing device.

Can I keep the original source document?

The original source document belongs to the client, you must therefore delete it from any IT support within a maximum of 30 days after the job has been delivered.

I started a translation job, but part of it is already translated, is another translator working on the same document?

Each translation order is only processed by a single translator. Sometimes it is likely however that a source document may have already been partly translated, in which case only the non translated parts are to be translated and you must report this to the client in the workroom.

What happens if the client refuses my translation because they find it unsatisfactory?

The Mytranslation support team will then be consulted and it will decide if the refusal is well-founded. This will result in either putting the document back on the marketplace if the job is unsatisfactory, in which case the translator will not be credited; or if the support team rejects the client's refusal, judging the translator's job adequate, the translator will be credited as agreed.

The Mytranslation word count algorithm is different from the one I use, which is the correct one?

The Mytranslation work count tool is the one that will prevail. It is the one used to work out prices for translations done in Express mode.

If during a translation job I have comments to make, must I include them in the translation or specify them in the workroom?

Any comment must be made in the workroom in order to avoid any confusion that it may cause if comments are included in the translation.

I was not given contextual elements at the beginning of my translation and I have encountered difficulties when translating some words/passages, what can I do?

The best solution is to communicate with the client directly using the workroom.

What should I do if there is a bug at the moment of uploading documents, retrieving documents or processing any other elements on the site?

Please contact the support team immediately at [email protected], we will reply as soon as possible.

When registering, I allow access to some of my personal information on Mytranslation; is my profile accessible to anyone who visits the site?

By registering on the site and agreeing to the Terms of Use, you will allow access to your profile information to anyone who browses the site, but your settings details remain confidential.

I was contacted by someone who found my contact information on the Mytranslation site but using some other means, what should I do?

You should immediately contact our support team at [email protected], we will guide you through what steps to take.

PayPal is not accessible in my country, what can I do?

Currently, Mytranslation only works with the PayPal method of payment, we are looking into other payment method alternatives.

Can I credit my account at any moment using my PayPal?

You can request your earnings at any time and we aim to pay translators within the week following their payment request. However, please note that we reserve the right to pay you up to 30 days later.

Does a credit request on my PayPal account incur an additional fee?

All transactions, whether debited or credited, will incur the following fees :
- Transactions for amounts below €2,500: 3.4% + €0.25
- Transactions for amounts from €2,500.01 to €10,000: 2.0% + €0.25

I requested payment but no transaction has been processed on my PayPal account, what should I do?

Please contact [email protected] as soon as possible.

What happens if a client refuses a translation that has been completed?

Any request of refusal will be studied by the Mytranslation team, and this will result in either accepting or rejecting the client's refusal.

Why did the client refuse the translation? What can I do?

Should a client refuse a translation, we will ask him to give solid reasons for his refusal. We will then ask the translator to make either comments or adjustments accordingly; or to make an appeal to us in case he refuses the client's demand.

The client's refusal is in my opinion unjustified, what can I do?

You can contact us at [email protected], clearly specifying the translation job's ID number, and we will contact you as soon as possible with information about the actions that will be taken.

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